to activate your life? 

So how will we go about navigating your journey? Together we will find:


With courage and curiosity, we will wrestle with powerful questions
to get clarity on and establish a deep commitment to your aspirations and goals.


Looking forward, never back, we will create experiments, actions
and commitments that move you directly toward your targeted goals.


Having absolute confidence in your ability, I will
hold you accountable to living a life you love.


"Rebekah met me as I was in every session. I never had to be better or worse than I felt, and the ability to show up fully and honestly each time did wonders for my growth. She helped me organize my life and my thoughts around it, and with her calm, affirming presence she gave me space to envision a plan for a new future and the ways I could commit to getting there."

- Marella, New York, New York

“Rebekah does an excellent job of helping you to discover and identify unacknowledged strengths and opportunities within your career and yourself. She is efficient and direct (if desired) and only operates on facts, allowing you the rare opportunity to analyze yourself and your situations in an unbiased manner. If you are looking for a new coach or have never been coached before and want to know how it works I highly recommend her.”

-Anthony, Austin, Texas

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Let’s start a conversation that matters..

With joy,



Associate Certified Coach