You are enough exactly as you are.

Your intuition and experiences are the foundation for building the career,
relationships and fulfilling life you imagine.

I will challenge you with blunt and tender honesty as you strengthen
your resolve and hold you accountable as you activate your vision,
grow your business and create the success you desire.

Here’s my story…

My coach training is through CTI (Coaches Training Institute). I started coaching several years ago as my next life challenge. I’ve been an actor for over 20 years, making my living doing a dream job in an industry where the odds are tough. I have a BFA from Southern Methodist University where my training included improv, body and voice awareness, connecting, listening and practicing extreme vulnerability.

“Where are you? Here. When are you? Now.”

…was the mantra of one of my professors. Little did I know those words were creating the foundation for how I work as a coach. Be present in your life. Look forward, not back. Release judgement. Years of risk and rejection as an actor have taught me to look past failure and what other people think and simply keep moving forward with strength and authenticity. Therein lies success.
I am highly intuitive and emotionally connected and oh, yeah…incredibly competitive. I really love to win! This work is my life purpose - challenging people as they break past their perceived limits and win. My top values include vibrancy, authenticity, joy and adventure.

I typically work with five types of clients: Artists/Creatives, Business, Families, Older Individuals and Young Adults.

For my artist/creative clients, I partner with you in finding your courage, intrinsic worth and self-discipline.

With business clients, I support you as you grow your leadership skills and execute big picture goals.

With my family clients, I guide you in establishing healthy and strong relationships.

I journey with young adults in discovering your life path and older individuals to figure out your next chapter.
I’ve lived all over the country and worked with all kinds of people, deepening my understanding and compassion.  I’ve been married for over 20 years and am a mom of 2 boys which constantly sharpens my coaching skills. 
A client once asked what makes me unique as a coach. My answer: My baggage in life is pretty light and I have the energy, space and strength to help people step into the full capacity of who they want to be. 
Want more out of your life or business? Let’s talk!
With fierceness,