Adore Yourself!

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Is it challenging for you to adore yourself?

What would be possible if you woke up passionate about you?

You have permission to go wonderfully bonkers believing “I’m one of a kind -the world is better when I show up- here I am - Wow - I’m amazing!”

I dare you to take one action today that proves to yourself that you are spectacular exactly as you are.

Adoring yourself is a powerful foundation for creating a big, bold life. 

Want support in unleashing your self adoration? Let’s talk. 

Pulling Weeds


What are the “weeds” in your life?

The unwanted and inferior components that are strangling the parts of your life which are longing to flourish.

The stuff that simply needs to go. People, places, habits, thoughts.

How clear are you on what could be dug up and thrown out so that the most desirable parts can grow beautifully?

Weeds are diligent so it’s best for you to be diligent, too.

Pulling weeds is part of life and can actually be fun.

Think of the satisfaction when the ground is clear and you can plant the things you love.

Are you struggling to identify your weeds or the ways to get rid of them? Let’s talk!

Permission Granted


Is there something in your life you’re waiting to be “allowed” to do? A change or action calling to you but you’re afraid people will say “You can’t do that!”

Whose voice are you waiting to hear say “Yes! Go for it!” ?

Beautiful thing…..You only need permission from yourself.

As kids we’re told to always ask first. “Is it ok if I (fill in the blank)? Please, can I (fill in the blank)? That habit can stay with us for a long time.

What are the things you know to do that will make your life energized and meaningful?

Your “permission slip” is ready for your signature. Need help signing? Let’s talk.

Event: The Art and Impact of Communication

Would love for you to join us.

November 4th 1-4:30pm
13425 Ventura Blvd, Ste 304

I'm excited to be co-hosting this interactive coaching workshop on communication.

Explore the subtleties of how thoughts, presence, language and awareness impact the impressions we make and the clarity of our interactions. This is an opportunity to gain insight on how to develop communication tools that can launch you forward to create more intimate relationships, deepen trust, expand your peace and effectively convey your ideas in both your personal and professional life. A great opportunity for business leaders, teams and individuals to become stronger communicators.

Here's the link to register:

Email me with any questions and to request your discount code for groups of 3 or more.

With joy,

Commitment to yourself

a pledge or undertaking; an agreement to do something

We usually think about commitments as being made to someone/something outside of ourselves.
What is it like to make a commitment to yourself?
The commitments to ourselves often become casualties of our busy life (or maybe we don’t make them at all!)

What if the commitments we make to ourselves are the most valuable?

Every time you make and keep a self-commitment you are proving to you that you are trustworthy and capable. You are creating a solid foundation to build on. Every time you break a self-commitment, you undermine your sense of self-reliance, personal value and ability to soar.

You might hold a belief that making commitments restricts freedom of action. The opposite is true.
It frees us to live the life we desire.

Today I challenge you to choose one specific commitment to yourself to keep for the next (fill in this blank with a number) days..simple or complex, business or personal…it’s your choice. Invitation to assign that commitment a sense of joy and excitement rather than pressure and obligation. Begin to notice how in keeping that commitment, your energy and confidence boost and your sense of possibilities expands.

Please feel free to declare your commitment in an email to me ( and forward this to someone as a light to them. And if you’re struggling with keeping your commitment(s), let’s talk!

With joy,


Activate your life!

Here's an exercise for your motivation/inspiration/simple kick in the butt.
When you don’t know what to do, lack energy or need a bit of clarity.
Answer from your gut, without much thought.

*Name 1 move you can take today to get closer to something you want. Do it.

*Name 1 new choice for your life that will increase your physical energy. Try it.

*Name 1 positive emotional habit you want to begin. Start it.

*Name 1 way you can get back valuable time in your day. Claim it.

*Name 1 activity that makes you feel like a kid again. Experience it.

*Name 1 area of your personal space that wants to be decluttered. Tidy it.

*Name 1 attribute you want expanded in your life. Add 1% more of it.

*Name 1 secret you are living with. Admit it.

*Name 1 task you’ve been procrastinating. Handle it.

Email me at if you'd like support in activating your life and dreams. Complimentary session available, by phone. No obligation. Check out my new website for more information about coaching.

With fierceness,