Activate your life!

Here's an exercise for your motivation/inspiration/simple kick in the butt.
When you don’t know what to do, lack energy or need a bit of clarity.
Answer from your gut, without much thought.

*Name 1 move you can take today to get closer to something you want. Do it.

*Name 1 new choice for your life that will increase your physical energy. Try it.

*Name 1 positive emotional habit you want to begin. Start it.

*Name 1 way you can get back valuable time in your day. Claim it.

*Name 1 activity that makes you feel like a kid again. Experience it.

*Name 1 area of your personal space that wants to be decluttered. Tidy it.

*Name 1 attribute you want expanded in your life. Add 1% more of it.

*Name 1 secret you are living with. Admit it.

*Name 1 task you’ve been procrastinating. Handle it.

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With fierceness,