Commitment to yourself

a pledge or undertaking; an agreement to do something

We usually think about commitments as being made to someone/something outside of ourselves.
What is it like to make a commitment to yourself?
The commitments to ourselves often become casualties of our busy life (or maybe we don’t make them at all!)

What if the commitments we make to ourselves are the most valuable?

Every time you make and keep a self-commitment you are proving to you that you are trustworthy and capable. You are creating a solid foundation to build on. Every time you break a self-commitment, you undermine your sense of self-reliance, personal value and ability to soar.

You might hold a belief that making commitments restricts freedom of action. The opposite is true.
It frees us to live the life we desire.

Today I challenge you to choose one specific commitment to yourself to keep for the next (fill in this blank with a number) days..simple or complex, business or personal…it’s your choice. Invitation to assign that commitment a sense of joy and excitement rather than pressure and obligation. Begin to notice how in keeping that commitment, your energy and confidence boost and your sense of possibilities expands.

Please feel free to declare your commitment in an email to me ( and forward this to someone as a light to them. And if you’re struggling with keeping your commitment(s), let’s talk!

With joy,