to activate your life? 

So how will we go about navigating your journey? Together we will find:


With courage and curiosity, we will wrestle with powerful questions
to get clarity on and establish a deep commitment to your aspirations and goals.


Looking forward, never back, we will create experiments, actions
and commitments that move you directly toward your targeted goals.


Having absolute confidence in your ability, I will
hold you accountable to living a life you love.


Let’s start a conversation that matters..

With joy,



Kevin wanted more commitment and follow through in his life. He has paid off all his debt, bought a motorcycle, took sky diving lessons, began golfing competitively, took an acting class, fell in love and is traveling extensively.

Susan came to me wanting to be more bold and challenge herself. She took a dreamed of solo vacation adventure, become the head of a theatre collective and recently produced and directed her first independent film.

John finished a screenplay he’d been working on for several years. He admitted to himself that he had a pot addiction, proceeded to get help and has now been sober more than 3 years.

Chloe was tired of second-guessing herself and living life as a "pleaser." She wanted to get clear on her personal desires, cultivate self-trust and share her true voice. She started a blog and podcast about the "creative process" and letting go of perfectionism. She has taken on creative ventures that spark her curiosity and joy, such as producing a monthly variety show, drawing and sharing cartoons, and writing and performing about recovering from an eating disorder. No longer does she live by what other people might think of her. 

*names changed for privacy