"Rebekah brings intelligence, caring, presence and deep understanding to every moment of her work and as a result, being coached by her is transformative.  She not only helped me identify old patterns and non productive thinking, she gave me the tools to break those patterns and the tools to quickly and effectively stop non productive thinking allowing me to move forward in a positive way."  -Pip, Los Angeles, CA

"It isn’t easy to quantify the value of Rebekah’s presence in my life, but at first blush the word invaluable comes to mind. While the exercises themselves were thought provoking and practical, it was Rebekah’s gifts of intuition, timing and generosity of spirit that really made them work by creating an environment that was both safe and fertile. I had several astonishing personal breakthroughs and one very professional one: finally completing a draft of a script that had been in the works for two years. As anyone who’s ever attempted this knows, this is no small feat."  John, Los Angeles, CA

"You will get more out of a life coaching session with Rebekah than you could ever imagine! During a career transition, Rebekah’s coaching encouraged me to be honest with myself and to clearly evaluate my situation and the options before me. As an unbiased third party, Rebekah was able to address the issue holistically, allowing an honest exchange of thoughts and ideas.  Rebekah’s coaching shaped thoughts that I had previously been unable to express and provided motivation to act on what we discussed!  She provided accountability in making those thoughts turn to action, and then into life-changing choices! "  Emily, Austin, TX

"Rebekah's ability to balance her thorough mastery of life coaching methods with the spontaneity that accompanies any meaningful dialogue makes her a terrific life coach. A session with Rebekah is a rich, positive, light conversation with takeaways that have shifted my approach to daily life. Her coaching style welcomes the level of vulnerability that we all wish to share with friends and family but can often find hard to cultivate. As someone who can be hesitant to bother others with my thoughts, I have been so grateful for the dignity with which Rebekah treats my mind and heart."  Madeline,  NY, NY

"I had an amazing coaching session with Rebekah, and I'm so glad that I took notes on it.  She helped me with blocks that I didn't even know that I had.  She gave me concrete exercises that could help me address issues, set goals, and put my creative talents to work in overcoming some personal issues. She is personable and caring, and I cant recommend her enough." Greg, Los Angeles, CA

"Rebekah is an absolute gem. She radiates nothing but light and love and working with her has been a blessing in my life. I met Rebekah at a time when it seemed like my life was crumbling around me and she offered me nothing but love, support and nonjudgmental guidance. I recommend Rebekah without hesitation, you won't regret it!" Lauren, Los Angeles, CA

"Rebekah is thoughtful, positive, and invested in your growth. Her coaching truly is a partnership. I appreciate her encouraging words and exciting challenges. Her perspective has been invaluable to me. Highly recommend her!"  Jennifer NY, NY

"Okay, I've never had a life/success coach before and was really kind of anti all the stuff cuz I just thought it was hoowee. But, Rebekah is definitely the real deal. She doesn't follow any cookie cutter approach. She actually listens to what you want and need and tells you how she can help and then she executes 100%. I've been working with Rebekah for over a year and she is an invaluable part of my life journey. She gives me the perfect mix of care + encouragement + toughness with zero residual BS! I'm very grateful that I called her!"  Ravi Los Angeles, CA


Associate Certified Coach